What are your current recommended reads?

I have tagged a few people into this post and I’m open to recommendations so if you can share what your current recommended read is that would be appreciated and I’ll get that ordered and read that too.

Thomas has already recommended Grant Cardone books and I’ve got them ordered waiting for delivery

Anyone is welcome to post a comment with their recommended read. Thanks.


Reading wasn’t top priority during this challenge but I still managed to get through the following books

Some of the books were recommended through Facebook groups that I’ve joined recently

The Alabaster Girl, Zan Perrion
Wealth Warrior, Steve Chandler
The Relationship Handbook, George S Pransky
Inside Out Revolution, Michael Neill
Instant Motivation, Chantal Burns
Were all recommended by Ankush K Jain

Disrupt Yourself, Jay Samit
Was recommended by Moe Nawaz

Clarity, Jamie Smart
Results, Jamie Smart
Little Book of Results, Jamie Smart
Are all written by someone passionate about coaching and personal development and runs one of the largest coaching groups on Facebook

There are a couple of other books that I have started but haven’t finished yet so I haven’t included them

I’ve counted about 17 books with a few others that I’ve started. I did have the Ramadan period way my routine was changed and that threw me off a bit.


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