Day 6/30 Ramadan Daily Fasting 2.40am – 9.18pm

SMASHED IT! Absolutely smashed it

It is day 6 of Ramadan and fasting and Day 23 of the current 100 day challenge and I’ve just completed a fantastic gym session.

Fasting started on Saturday and it was a test to see if I could get a gym session done during this period and I did but only for about 25 minutes. I missed Monday because it was a bank holiday but I was back on Tuesday and Wednesday and I’ve just done today’s session making it 4 sessions over 6 days of fasting.

My strength and stamina have definitely dropped down as I am exercising after not having any food or water for 17 hours but I think my body is getting adjusted to it and I managed to do a 45 minute session today.

It is 9:04 p.m. now and I’ve still got another 15 minutes before I get to eat something.

On a side note, my Porsche has been parked up for about 2 or 3 months and I have not been driving it but I charged the battery up the other day and took it for a wash and clean and I’m just enjoying it for a few days.

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