Low Cost High Life: Live an Affordable Life of Luxury: (2014); Mark Homer

Low Cost High Life: Live an Affordable Life of Luxury: (2014); Mark Homer


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Life is getting more and more expensive. Cost of living keeps going up, pensions have dwindled and are taking longer than ever to pay out, and people are having to work more and longer for the same (or lower) quality of life. The post-apocalyptic recession has left many businesses having to start again.

This book will help you live a Low cost high life and is a 25 year voyeuristic journey on how to become wealthy and successful in these most unique times.

• How to use ‘silent compounding,’ to turn small daily savings anyone can make, into large chunks of lifetime cash
• How to keep exactly the same lifestyle you have now and ‘spend invest,’ your way to a minimum of £1,791,735 in 20 years or less, proven and detailed in the book
• The ‘Giant leap’ wealth attraction strategy using everyday ‘household,’ items and hidden daily opportunities to make long term cash and passive recurring income
• The ‘Wealth mirage’ technique to create and live a high opulent lifestyle on minimum daily costs and savings
• How to use low/no cost fast-start tactics such as ‘Gratitude Leverage,’ and ‘Cheek creativity,’ to get others to do what you want, when you want, for the low cost high life
• ‘Irregular shock protection,’ ‘Liquid cash pile power,’ and ‘Random cash windfalls,’ for the easy way to the low cost, high life affordable life of luxury

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