Mon 27/02 (50/100) 3.45am. 1hr Reading. Last Live Morning Facebook Broadcast. 6.00am GYM
Tue 28/02 (51/100) 3.45am. 1hr 30mins Reading. 6.00am GYM
Wed 01/03 (52/100) 3.45am. 1hr 30mins Reading. 6.00am GYM
Thu 02/03 (53/100) 5.30am. No Reading. 6.00am GYM
Fri 03/03 (54/100) 5.30am. No Reading. 6.00am GYM
Sat 04/03 (55/100) 7.30am. No Reading. 8.00am GYM
Sun 05/03 (56/100) 4.25am. Early Start for Excel London
Mon 06/03 (57/100) 5.25am. SOFT Start. No Reading. 6.00am GYM
What has caused the disruption?
I have lost interest in the Reading. I have read 17 Property Investment books in the first 52 days and they are starting to get repetitive. I only have 11 books left to read during the remainder of the challenge. I am going to change the topic of Reading to break it up and go back to Property Investing during the last 30 days to finish off my reading list.
What happened with Exercise/Health?
I STILL HIT 6/6 for the GYM Sessions. I still managed to get 6 out of 6 gym sessions for the week and that is my main goal during this challenge.
Sunday was different because I was planning on going to the BEST YOU event in London which meant a 4.25am start. Sunday is normally my rest day.
Today (Mon 06/03), I decided to have a SOFT START at 5.25am. This is because Sunday was a very long day with driving to London and back and the poor weather made the driving more difficult and dangerous. I just wanted to make sure that I got to the gym for 6.00 so I can start the week with getting the first session out of the way. I found my energy dropping around 1.30pm so I caught up with some rest and woke up again at 5.30pm.
How can I get back into a routine and stabilise my wake up again?
I have already had a soft start to the week with a 5.25am start.
I have had an extra 4hr rest during the day.
I am planning on getting to bed for 10.00pm
I have changed the reading topic to something of more interest
I am planning on starting at 3.45am tomorrow

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