I am due for a system upgrade.  At the moment, I have Desktop Laptop with a secondary monitor and I also have a separate PC with two monitors but both systems are hitting the limits of performance that I need and technology has moved on considerably so I am considering upgrading to a single powerful PC with a quad monitor setup.

I am just making this note as a reference in my blog just so that I commit to the decision to upgrade and my goal will be to upgrade within the next 60 days once I work out the specification of the new system including the processor, memory and hard drive options.

The PC is beyond the lifespan of what I need so we will go into one of the offices to be used by anyone coming in to hot desk but the laptop is still useful and will be reallocated for different purposes.

Although I have  two monitors already,  I may consider buying 4 matching monitors along with the desk stand to connect all 4 monitors to.

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