I started taking cold showers 5 days ago. The first day, my body went into a slight shock and I was struggling/gasping for breath as the cold water sprayed on me.

Day 2 was not much different..I was still gasping for breath as I got under the spray.

But yesterday and today were totally different.

I had some conversations with members of the ‘Awesome’ group and out of those – the topic of ‘breathing’ came up. I was referred to the ‘Win-Hof’ method.

I have not had a proper look into this but I did take something away from the conversations.

Yesterday, I took a few moments to take some really deep breaths and centre myself. I turned the shower to mild cold and then I slowly stepped into the shower while continuing to breath deeply. No gasping for breath this time and no shock.

Something had changed..I was much more comfortable. I dropped the temperature even more and continued to breath deeply.

Yes..this was it..this was the answer..it was the breathing that made all the difference.

I did the same thing this morning. The anticipation of stepping into the cold water was still there but not as much as before. I took a few moments to breath deeply and said to myself ‘I’ve done it before..I’ve can do it again’.

The temperature was mild cold. I stepped in continuing to breath deeply. Nothing. No shock. No gasping for breath. Totally comfortable. I turned the temperature down and continued taking my shower.

So what have I learnt?..it’s not the temperature of the water that important, it’s all in the breathing. It makes such a difference. Day 5 – Cold Shower done. Feel much better. Something I am going to continue. 


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