Make (?)K in 100 days – Financial Challenge

The next 100 DAY CHALLENGE starts on Sat 2nd Apr 2016 and is a FINANCIAL CHALLENGE. The objective is to generate a determined amount of income for the following period and to have that income spare to spend as you like (so taking on credit does not count towards the target). It must be a surplus to your living requirements.

From and including: Sat, 2 Apr 2016
To and including: Sun, 10 Jul 2016
It is 100 days from the start date to the end date, end date included
Or 3 months, 9 days including the end date

Level 5: £100,000 (£100k)
Level 4: £50,000 (£50k)
Level 3: £25,000 (£25k)
Level 2: £10,000 (£10k)
Level 1: £1,000 (£1k)

At the end of the period, on Sun 10th Jul 2016, you should have this money in cash, in your bank account or in some sort of investment – available to do with as you please.

Select the level based on the importance to you and a level that will push you beyond your existing comfort and attainment levels.

Do not allow your ego to influence your decision making. Each person is different and having £1,000 may have more importance to one person than having £10,000 is to another.

Do not overly worry about how you are going to achieve the target – just set the target for now and then follow the instructions at the end of this post.

Do not tell other people what you are doing unless those people are part of your plan or support group in terms of achieving the target.

You will need to remain focused and do not need distractions or detractors. Working towards your chosen target level will be difficult enough without having to respond to people saying why it is not possible.

The challenge should push you on all levels – mentally, physically and emotionally. If you not being pushed, you have chosen the wrong level and you need to go up one level.

There is no gain without cost. There will be considerable costs both apparent and hidden when taking on this challenge.

If the things you are giving up do not affect you and you feel no loss, it is questionable whether they had any meaning in the first place.

Friendships, Relationships, Health, Leisure Time, Family, Education, Work..and many more areas of your life..may be affected. Be prepared for this if you are really going to go for this challenge.

There will be a launch event on Sat 2nd Apr 2016 at Fat Cat Bar where you will start your challenge.

In the meantime, get a pen and pad and start writing all the ways you can think of to achieve your chosen target level.

I have chosen mine..but it is private. All I’m going to say.. I’M GOING ALL OUT TO ACHIEVE IT.


[NZT – Limitless]

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