100 Day Mental and Physical Challenge – Day 84/100

I decided a few days ago to make some dietary changes

Reduce bread and nan. I wasn’t eating that much but reduced it down even more. Only have a couple of teacakes for breakfast (along with couple boiled eggs)

No more Diet Coke. I already cut down Soft Drinks. Don’t like full sugar drinks and only really drank Diet Coke. Now I have cut that out too.

No Diet Coke, No Isotonic drinks, No Energy Drinks – they are all bad. Only water.. maybe with a bit of cordial for flavouring.

Increase Cauliflower, Broccoli and Carrots.
Eat more Tuna.
Eat Bananas

Feeling so tired. Already done this morning gym session..just about completed it. I’ve got very little energy or motivation.

I’m going sleep for a while. Need to be back in gym for 6.30pm for evening session.

Only 16 days to go after tonight’s session

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