The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships (13 Oct 2015); Neil Strauss

The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships (13 Oct 2015); Neil Strauss

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Recommendation: 1/5
A relatively long read, brutal in it’s honesty, but really only of any interest to those who may have read ‘The Game’.

Something slightly different to what I have been reading recently just to break the routine.

As a student of Psychology, Persuasion and Influence and Human Behaviour, I came across Neil Strauss way back in in the early 2000’s so when his book called ‘The Game’ came out in 2007, I had little interest in reading it as I pretty much knew what it would contain.

I eventually got round to reading the book sometime in 2009 and I had a difference of opinion on what he was advocating.

His new book, released in Oct 2015, came up on my recommended reads on Amazon and I decided to buy it as the reviews stated that it has been written by a more grown-up Neil Strauss.

The book is a very raw self-critical almost self-biography of Neil searching for why he has the desires that he has as goes through various experiments in trying to reconcile what he sees is his perfect ideal of a relationship whilst also attending psychiatry sessions to identify his hidden ‘demons’.

It is a very interesting read but not recommended unless you are a Neil Strauss fan and want to see how he has progressed on his original views that he had in ‘The Game’

Myself, I feel vindicated that my difference of opinion turns out to be right and he is now offering a different perspective than what he wrote in his original book.

However, he would not be where he is now if hadn’t written that book, a lot of people wouldn’t have got what they needed out of it but also it has left a lot of ‘damaged’ guys and girls out there who subscribed to the ideologies presented.



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