Even though I have been studying Personal Development for over 25+ years, I still have fears pop up now and again. The fear in itself is not a problem but the paralysis that comes attached with it is a problem.

The paralysis that stops you taking action, that stops you doing the thing that you want to and need to do to progress and grow.

So..I took action yesterday.. I overcame my own fears and hesitancies.

I started my blog

Quiet a while back, someone said to me Facebook was useless for any meaningful conversation and it was full of negative news and views and videos that ‘kill’ time so I never really used my Facebook account for quite a few years but being involved in Film Production, I found it useful to track my friends and colleagues progress.

About 6 months ago, I decided that it was MY Facebook Account and that I would use it the way I wanted to.. so i started using this to document my own journey or challenges..pretty much like my own Public Journal.

I have always been inspired by Neil Oseman ( and his writings. I actually read his whole write-up on ‘Soul-Searcher’ and found it educational and entertaining at the same time (If you are in Film Production – read his website!!)

So..using the inspiration from Neil..I hope to follow on a similar journey and document my own writings and experiences..not on Film Production.. but on Personal Growth.

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