Victoria Studios, Nottingham NG7 7JP

Raj Pathak posted the other day asking for some rehearsal space for his next Production. I like Raj. He is a DO’ER. He doesn’t just talk about things. He takes action and moves towards what he wants to achieve.

I like supporting people who are doing things. I tend to move away from people who complain and blame everyone else for things not working out rather than taking responsibility and making things happen.

I offered my space free for Raj to use. He is scheduling with the Actors to begin rehearsals very soon.

Anyway, Financially, I am doing well. Even though I am working towards achieving more, I am grateful for what I have – I don’t go hungry and have a safe place to live and sleep. part of my giving back, contributing and sharing..

I am offering part of my Studio space FREE for Rehearsals and Workshops to anyone on my friends list who needs it – just have to sort out convenient times and access.

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