‘Project Jam Jar’ – Darren Stanton (2011)

‘Project Jam Jar’ – Darren Stanton (2011)

Started: Mon 16/11/15 05.45
Finished: Mon 16/1115 06.50 (1hr 05mins)
96 pages

Having read ‘The Road Less Travelled’ the previous week and finding that a bit wearisome, I decided to re-read ‘Project Jam Jar’ by my good friend and colleague Darren Stanton

The book gets straight to the point. Its premise is that we have created our own limitations and those limitations can be removed using exercises he provides in the book.

I always find it useful and beneficial to go back to simple, straightforward techniques that provide powerful results and this is one of those books that is easily accessible with techniques useable by anyone.

Recommended – Buy from Amazon here – Only £5.80


Would you like to be powerfully confident?
Have you tried to make changed in your life in the past only to give up shortly after?

Using both tried and tested and state of the art simple techniques, project jam jar is the concept of media psychological coach, body language expert and human lie detector, Darren Stanton. Make changes in minutes that last a lifetime.

When would NOW be the best time to change?.

Darren Stanton


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