Morning update Wednesday 14th July 2021

Hi morning everyone

Still settling in with the new platform and making plans for events for the future

I caught a 24-hour bug yesterday and it threw me off my feet a little bit but I’m feeling better today

One of the Themes that I am focusing on is
‘It’s never too late to start again’

I just get a feeling that lots of people have given up on life and I’ve lost her passion joy excitement for living and whatever it is whether it’s adversity setbacks or just general life responsibilities do forget what it is to truly feel alive or to go for their goals and dreams

So generally my theme is that whatever it is that you want to do or achieve will become today’s as good a time as any to just start again

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The Power of Moments

I puchased this book recently when I went charity book shopping.

I am still at a routine with my sleep pattern and although I’m trying to get it back to 10 p.m. with early wake up of around 5:25 p.m. this was not happening last night.

It was around 1 a.m. and I decided to make the most of it and do some reading.

I’ve managed to get halfway through this but within an hour this morning. Just a few more chapters left to finish off.

Second Brain – Mindmap

Vance McClenton posted in Building a Second Brain: Official Group a mindmap of his ‘Second Brain’

It inspired me to Mindmap my own. I have started using images in the Mindmap downloading them from Google and adding them in.

It is helping me understand how I am managing my information

This is just the temporary draft that I have started today. I am hoping to work on it more but even what I have done has been helpful.

Charity book shopping

It’s been a while since I’ve purchased any books from a charity bookshop but I went to one today and I picked up these which will be added to my existing substantial collection.

Some nice titles in there and although I’m not going to read them immediately I’ll just add them into my library and then have a look at them when I become interested in any one of the topics

Building a Second Brain

This post popped up in Facebook Groups

I researched the term ‘Second Brain‘. In this case, it refers to the second description below.

1) second brain that influences our judgment, and much else besides. Known as the Enteric Nervous System (ENS) – enteric meaning ‘to do with intestines’ – it’s an extensive network of brain-like neurons and neurotransmitters wrapped in and around our gut.

2) a methodology for saving and systematically reminding us of the ideas, inspirations, insights, and connections we’ve gained through our experience. It expands our memory and our intellect using the modern tools of technology and networks.

I already have a very good working system for conducting research and storing notes. I use ‘Evernote’ and ‘Web Clipper’ and I have an organisational method to categorise the notes for review.

I signed up for Notion. I am going to use this to organise my notes on ‘Systems Theory’, ‘Cybernetics’, ‘Game Theory’ and ‘Mental Models’.

I ‘webclipped’ articles into Evernote

What do I want to improve?
I want to go from collecting information to creating content. Researching and Organising is OK. I want to increase quality relevant output.

Building a Second Brain: An Overview – Forte Labs
Best Note Taking App – Organize Your Notes with Evernote – Organize your work

Declutter Bullet Journal

Make a copy of all the important notes from the previous 12 week challenge into Google Drive or Evernote, and then remove all the unnecessary paperwork.

I’m just thinking that I store too much of the records and I only need to keep information that’s relevant to future decision making.

I don’t really need to keep ALL my notes in the Bullet Journal so I’m removing all the stuff that’s of little value to free up space and then stop me getting distracted when I need to find important information again

Having too much information can just be as detrimental as not having enough.

Remove all documents from previous 12 Week Challenge
Scan into PC using Scansnap ix500. Automatically converts to PDF
Store master file in Dropbox
Upload PDF to Evernote for additional access
Shred paperwork. Not needed anymore.

‘Letting go of Attachment’. Theme for Jan Feb Mar ’21

My New 12 Week Year (12WY) starts Bank Holiday Mon 28th Dec 2020.

Previously, I opened up the 12 Week Year to other members to allow them to join in right at the start of my own 12WY but I’m not ready and an still working on the Theme so I have decided to do a 4 WEEK Program  starting on Mon 15th Feb 2021 (Week 7) and finding on Sun 14th Mar 2021

Why 4 Weeks?
Shorter program.
4 Weeks in enough to get good results.
1 hr Prerecorded Content every week
Launch Seminar and Workshop
Closing Seminar and Workshop

Why Week 7? Mon 15th Feb 2021?
5 year anniversary of official launch of group.
It gives me 6 weeks to organise and plan.
I can get more content together.
I can market it more to new members
I can prepare better.
I can get extra help to prepare

What is the Theme?
Letting go of Attachment
Letting go of limiting beliefs
Letting go of negative stuff from 2020
Letting go of old patterns, old relationships
Decluttering. Cleansing.

#lifekeeping. Similar to #housekeeping. Getting your life in order ready for next period of living.


In October 2019, I purchased three different ‘Law of Attraction’ journals (see below) in preparation for the start of 2020.

I wanted to use something that was already formatted so that I could be more focused and more productive towards my goals in 2020. I only ended up using one of them because they all had the same format and there was not point using all of them for the same thing.

What worked? I got into the habit of planning the day, recording events and activities an seeing how I was using my time.

What didn’t work? The format was too restrictive. The journals were bound and I had my Bullet Journal as well as my Law of Attraction Journal and I have to keep going between the two to cross reference entries.

What did I change? I used the LoA Journal for the first 12 Week Challenge and then switched to using the Ring Binder Bullet Journal as it was more flexible.

What am I planning for 2021?
The A5 Ring Binder Journal has worked well for 2020. There was a lot of ‘tweaking’ to get the right information into place, the right worksheets and also learning how to use it properly. I will continue to use this for 2021. It already has a lot of notes and information from the previous year.

Index from my A5 Ring Binder Bullet Journal

Freedom Mastery Weekly Success and Life Planner – A 12-Month Journey Creating Your Dream Life – Personal Journal & Weekly Planner & Goal Planner & Organizer by (Undated, Black)

Freedom Mastery Law of Attraction Goal Planner & Organizer

Law of Attraction Daily Planner – Deluxe Day Calendar and Gratitude Journal to Increase Productivity, Happiness & Time Management – Non Dated, A5 Hardcover + Bonus Stickers

My Theme for 2021

I was thinking about my theme for 2021 and the world ‘wellness’ kept on popping in my mind so I did some internet search and this article from the ‘global wellness summit’ was really useful

In the article, they’ve identified six wellness trends for 2021.

I’ve still not decided fully what my theme will be for 2021, but it will definitely have ‘wellness’ as an underlying current or theme for the whole year

I have listed the six wellness trends below here nut you can also click on the link and read a little bit more about them.

6 Wellness Trends for 2021

1) A new convergence between healthcare and wellness

2) Strengthening the immune system

3) A great “un-tabooing”: wellness gets real about sex, money and death

4) Nature, nature, nature

5) Home wellness

6) Beauty: from anti-microbial products to at-home beauty